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COVID-19: In Store Shopping Updates


Social Distancing Protocol

This Protocol is posted in order to comply with the Order of the Alameda County Health Officer to Shelter in Place No. 20-04.  In order to protect customers and employees of this business we hereby institute the following procedures effective April 2, 2020:

  1. All individuals within and around the store are to maintain a minimum 6ft social distance at all times while feasibly possible in order to perform transactions or work.
  2. Maximum of 10 individuals are to be present within the store at any given time (including employees). At such time this number is reached customers may wait outside at blue tape markers and can choose to be served outside.  Employees may retrieve desired items and mobile or phone payment can be made outside. 
  3. 3 sinks with soap and warm water are available within the store for customers and employees to use. Please ask for assistance.  Hand sanitizer is available at the front register.
  4. Payment terminals will be disinfected after each transaction unless contactless payment method is used.
  5. Doors will remain open during business hours to improve ventilation and to prevent the need to touch the doors upon entering or exiting the store.
  6. Touch points and surfaces will be regularly disinfected during business hours as well as before and after close of each day.
  7. Persons should not enter the store if they have a cough, fever, or are sneezing. Remain outside and employees will be glad to help you with your purchasing needs.
  8. Employees will be screened each day before shifts to ensure they are not displaying signs of infection.
  9. Copy of the Order of the Alameda County Health Officer to Shelter in Place No. 20-04 is available at the register.
  10. Centripedal Bikes is legally designated as an essential business by Section 13.f.viii of above order.


James Rardin

Centripedal Bikes


Covid – 19 Response

The "shelter in place" order is unprecedented. At CentriPEDAL Bikes we have determined that our Service and Repair department qualifies as essential business in the same way automotive repair is in order to service those that need their bicycles for essential activities. Please refer to the Order of the County Health Officer to Shelter in Place for Alameda County section  As such we will be open reduced hours with minimal staff for repair service. We will observe Alameda County health guidelines for 6 feet social distancing and limit the number of people in the store to 10.  Additionally, we are frequently cleaning the surfaces and touch points within the store and bicycles will be completely wiped down with disinfectant both before and after we work on them.  We ask that you make payments with debit cards, credit cards, or mobile pay options to avoid cash handling. Our new temporary hours will be:

Tuesday – Thursday

12pm – 5pm

These hours will remain in effect until the Shelter in Place order is lifted, if business needs require adjustment, or at such time the risk of exposure to our staff becomes too high.  Call us if you have any questions 510.742.2265.  We are all in this together and appreciate your patience.


James Rardin

CentriPEDAL Bikes