Custom Wheel Building

Our custom wheel building starts at $75 and includes standard stainless 14 gauge spokes and nipples.  Additional cost for colored spokes, nipples, other sized spokes, or unusual lacing patterns.


Ultra Sonic Cleaning - Drive train

This service is $95 and includes a full parts washer de-grease followed by an additional cleaning in the Ultrasonic bath.  This is an exceptional cleaning for your parts.  Drive train parts are removed from the bicycle, cleaned, reinstalled and adjusted.  Parts included in this service are front and rear derailleurs, chain, cassette, and cranks.

ultrasonic bath

Pickup and Delivery

$25 for each direction.  $5 additional for each bicycle to same location.   Service limited to the Tri-City area (Fremont/Newark/Union City).


Pickup and Delivery

Packing and Shipping

$80 for packaging bicycles.  This includes bicycle box and all packing materials. 

We can also ship your bicycle for you.  We pass along the direct ground shipping fee + $15 to deliver to Fed Ex facility.  Shipping quotes can be provided after bicycle is boxed and ready to ship.  Shipping charges are based on weight and box dimensions.


Rental and Demo

See our Rental/Demo page for specific bicycles available.  Rental program has 3 levels.  Basic, Performance, and Premium.  Basic is for bicycles that retail under $1000, Performance is for bicycles that retail under $3000, Premium is for bicycles that retail for $3000 and above.

Basic Rental:  $25/day or $75 for up to 5 days

Performance Rental:  $35/day or $105 for up to 5 days

Premium Rental: $45/day or $135 for up to 5 days

Demo: $75/day or $250 for up to 5 days (full demo fee can be applied to the purchase of the bicycle within 2 months of demo).

Refundable deposit equal to approximately 50% of the retail value of the bicycle required.

Rental/Demo Agreement


We offer 2 levels of Fitting.

Level 1 - focuses on saddle and foot position.  Adjustments include saddle height, saddle fore/aft, saddle tilt, knee alignment, and cleat position. ($100)

Level 2 - includes level 1 adjustments as well as reach analysis for trunk and shoulder angles.  Adjustments include saddle to bar reach, bar height, shift/brake lever position, stem length, and bar width. ($150)

Both levels include height, inseam, and sit bone measurement.  Please call or stop in to schedule your fitting as these are by appointment only.  Plan for 1-1.5 hours and bring shorts you commonly ride in as well as your riding shoes if applicable.

We also offer Giant's Right Ride system for measuring and finding the right Giant size bicycle for you.