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Kids’ Bike Trade-Up

Kids Grow Fast. We’re Here to Help.

Buy any youth bicycle from us, trikes through our 20" bikes, and receive 50% of the purchase price back when you upgrade to the next size.  This works for trikes, 12", 16", and 20" youth bicycles.   No matter how long you've had it or the condition, just show us your receipt and we will take the bike back and apply the credit to the next bike.  You can use your upgrade discount once at each level all the way to the 24" bikes.  When your child is ready to graduate from a 24" to an adult bike we'll offer you our standard trade in option.  California sales tax still applies to the original price of each bicycle.  Come see us, call us, or email us for more details.

Why do we do this?  We strongly believe in getting kids on the right size bicycle.  When kids are on the right size bike, they have more fun and are more likely to become lifelong cyclists.  Plus it gets you coming back!

Father and son riding bikes

Why Choose Our Store?

The kids' bikes we carry are designed with the same level of detail that goes into our adult bikes. They feature lightweight frames and durable components, making them fun and safe for your child. We also have a sweet selection of sizes and colors - all fine-tuned by professional mechanics and ready for you.

Girl riding bike

How Does Trading Up Work?

Our Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program is simple - invest in a quality bike today, and bring it back to us when your child is ready for the next size. We’ll inspect the bike and give you up to 50% of the original price to spend on a new kids’ bike. This program is valid until your child is ready for an adult bike!

Kids' Balance Bikes

Up To 3 Years Old / 30-35" Tall

12-Inch Kids' Bikes

2-4 Years Old / 35-40" Tall

16-Inch Kids' Bikes

3-6 Years Old / 39-46" Tall

20-Inch Kids' Bikes

5-8 Years Old / 45-52" Tall

24-Inch Kids' Bikes

7-10 Years Old / 51-63" Tall

Your Neighborhood Bike Shop

We love helping new riders find the perfect first bike. We believe that cycling can offer you and your family a lifetime of healthy, happy adventures and we look forward to seeing you soon!